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Microscopic Enemy

‘Microscopic Enemy’ takes no prisoners with its uncompromising, hard-hitting lyrics about lockdown life.


The song is a reference to the impact on mental health; caused by economic and social hardships, media coverage and the disaster capitalists who have cashed in on the crisis.


The underlying statement is about reclaiming back our lives, liberty and freedom.

Microscopic Enemy 1500 x 1500.jpg

Black Mirror

The band's rebellious and anarchic spirit has been captured in their gritty debut single 'Black Mirror', reflecting on Orwellian oppression and how the violation of our privacy and data is serving a capitalist system intent on crushing our welfare state.

Black Mirror Final.jpg

“Psibindi sounds like the deviant android that knows there’s a humanity out there somewhere and she’s gonna fight to get it.


The sound is stark and tight, guitars spewing glitched out corrupted data like a high speed King Crimson without the prog, and early Radiohead without the whine.”

Steve Savale - Asian Dub Foundation

“Black Mirror is beautifully delivered. With conscious lyrics and a hypnotic ambient vocal tone. Laced with electronic sounds, captivated by intense rock guitar.


The song captures your imagination and forces you to listen through the lens of the new world. Love it!”

Charlotte Kelly - Soul II Soul

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