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YMX - Interview 2021

Sentience Machine talks to Anna Colombo about their new single 'Microscopic Enemy' and music goals.

Nexus Music Blog - Review

"Sentience Machine may be a mish-mash of Evanescence and Halestorm..."

Rising Artists - Review

"The band have demonstrated that they have what it takes to deliver an explosive performance..."

JPG Chief - Review

"Microscopic Enemy is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Sentience Machine's brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship..."

Mangowave - Review

"Sentience Machine create a heavy hard rock hymn with an anthemic coda..."

Edgar Allen - Review

"A band that is not afraid to experiment and always manages to amaze the listener..."

Roadie Music - Review

"The Sentience Machine Brits are one of the most grateful revelations of 2021..."

Our Sound Music - Review

"Microscopic Enemy is a tremendous listen..It takes the pandemic by the scruff of the neck..."

The Other Side Review - Review

"Sentience Machine are hitting out at the establishment...The single pulses with the power of rock..."

Indie Dock Music Blog - Review

"Capture the revolutionary spirit of rock n roll from Sentience Machine..."

The Other Side Review - Interview 2020
Sentience Machine talks to Nicole Mendes about their debut single ‘Black Mirror’ and their musical inspirations.

Graffiti Vibe - Interview 2020
Sentience Machine chat to Graffiti Vibe about their debut single ‘Black Mirror’.

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